The Cumberland Condo

The Cumberland Condo at Yorkville plaza is in the pre-construction phase and is registering. Click on the following link for more information: The Cumberland Condo

The Cumberland Condo is a new condo project by Camrost- Felcorp, located right smack in the middle of the most desirable neighborhood in Toronto, Yorkville.  The development will be located at Avenue and Cumberland, a prime location. 21 Avenue Road will have a brand new look in the near future.

The Cumberland Condo will be have 32 storeys and will over 500 unites from one bedrooms suites all the way to two bedrooms plus den. Units will be selling fast and the starting price will be approximately $350,000′s.

Camrost Felcorp’s has taken this opportunity  and will be converting the old Four Seasons Hotel into a modern state of the art condo tower. The Cumberland will come with plenty of amenities including a 24 hour concierge, fitness facilities, a party room/lounge with audio/video equipment, formal dining room/boardroom with bar and kitchenette, management office, and on-site superintendent’s suite.

The Cumberland Condo Project Summary

Development: The Cumberland Condo
Development Group: Camrost- Felcorp
Development Type: Condo
Location: 21 Avenue Road
Floors: 32
Units : 511
Unit size: 500 square feet plus
Price: Starting at $350,000’s

Days on Market

How important is your home’s D.O.M. (Days On Market)? This is a common question that real estate advisers hear especially as the end of the year is getting near. Many Sellers think that the Days On Market is an important aspect of their home’s appeal while I firmly believe that this statistic has no bearing at all on the value and or appeal of the home that is for sale. In the current real estate climate, professional real estate advisors are familiar with longer DOM statistics. Here are some reasons for the higher numbers:
Short Sales and Bank Foreclosure Sales take a lot longer.
High inventory with a certain style home
Price is too high (this is something you as a Seller can change quite quickly to get your home sold)
Timing of stopping the D.O.M. counter
When searching for a Real Estate Sales and Marketing Advisor, a common question to ask is, “What is your Days On Market statistic?” Again, I don’t believe that this number is relevant and here is my reason why…
Some agents and companies have the policy that as soon as they receive an accepted offer on one of their listings, they change the status of the listing in MLS to UAG (Under Agreement) and throw up a “SOLD” sign on the front doorway. I prefer not to partake in either of these activities because I believe that it is more important for me to continue marketing and promoting my listings until we have everything in order – home inspection, signed P&S and commitment letter to name a few. I am not overly concerned with what my statistics are because I believe I am a stronger real estate advisor by continuing to show your home and hopefully have a back up buyer for the home in case something happens with the first buyer.
So….how important do you think your home’s D.O.M. is?

Streetcar proudly announces their new project, The Taylor Lofts coming to Leslieville.

Registration is now open for the Taylor lofts,  interested parties please visit for the latest news or have a sales agent contact you for purchase options.

Streetcar developments is a well known boutique condo builder, specializing in unique and modern designs.  The Taylor Lofts which are now in the pre constrution phase will not disappoint potential investors.  Situated in one of Toronto’s vibrant and up and coming areas The Taylor Lofts will have investors flocking to purchase a unit.

The Taylor Lofts will be located at 1220 Dundas Street East in Toronto, Ontario.  With just 96 units going on sale the project will be completed in the winter of 2015.  The Taylor Lofts will feature over sized balconies and terraces  and will include one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms, two bedrooms plus den, three bedroom, and 3 bedrooms plus den. With a very high walkscore of 92 The Taylor Lofts will be walker’s paradise , steps to transit, fashionable shops,  entertainment,  parks, restaurants,  banks, pubs, schools, grocery stores, along with a exciting nightlife.  Basically located in one of Toronto’s hippest areas, the units will be sold for the mid 200′s. now registering now registering


50 Wellesley Condo

I would like to introduce 50 Wellesley Condo a residence project being developed by Plaza Corp.  The development is currently in pre-construction at 50 Wellesley St E in Toront, Ontario.  If you are interested in acquiring a unit please visit, a sales agent will help you out with the possibility of pre-construction prices, if you register early enough.

50 Wellesley Condos being located in one of the most desirable communities in Toronto has raised a huge buzz, and with that buzz units will be selling fast.  Investors and buyers are keeping a very close eye on the 50 Wellesley Condo project.

The surrounding community by 50 Wellesley condo is considered as one of Toronto’s vibrant locales,  just steps away from delicious food, cafes, galleries, clubs, theaters and shops.   You have access to anything imaginable just minutes away.

50 Wellesley Residences will be a mid-rise condo standing at 27 storeys.  Quandrangle Architects have beautifully designed at total of 223 condo units.

50 Wellesly Condo Project Details

DEVELOPMENT 50 Wellesley Condo
Plaza Corp
50 Wellesley St E, Toronto, Ontario
UNITS223 units
 STOREYS27 storeys
Quadrangle Architects Ltd.

Save more energy at home

Below are more ways to lower your bill, and increase your wallet:

1. Close all doors and windows, close up any gaps or cracks. You are allowed to leave the house. However, if you, or a child, were to stand in an open doorway for just 2 minutes, all the hot air from outside is going to come inside. Soon, there won’t be a difference between the temperature outside and in, and even sooner, the A/C is going to kick on, and kick up your bill.

2. Use shades, blinds, and/or curtains on all windows. Blocking the sun’s harmful rays from entering your house before they do will also help to save money.

3. Use a fan instead of the A/C when you need to cool down. Fans cool only a small room at a time, but they don’t have to absorb as much energy either. Fans also cool down a room faster than the A/C can.

4. Program the A/C to turn off while you’re at work, and make sure you turn it off if you’re heading out on the weekends. Even if you don’t want to turn it off, you can still raise the lowest temperature up a degree or 20 to save you the cash. You don’t need to cool your sofa and tv set, do you?

5. Save the high energy use machines for the night. The washing machine, dryer(!), oven, dishwasher, ad pool filter use more energy than most realize. Try and use them during off-peak hours to save your bill the extra knock or two up. (By all means, feel free to use your refrigerator during the day!)

6. Use the “auto” setting instead of the “on” and save a handful every month.

7. Save your lungs and your wallet by cleaning out the air filter. No one wants a build up of dust to be blown constantly into a room, and without the back up, the A/C doesn’t have to work so hard to get cold air out.

8. Have a professional inspector come out every year or two to check out the ventilation system. A leaky duct and a cold attic doesn’t help you at all.

9. The next time a lightbulb dies, buy the energy saving bulbs. I cannot claim that they are, but even if a lightbulb cost $1 more at the store, you can save much more in the energy bills, for the entire lifespan of the bulb!

10. Leaving plugs in the sockets can use up to 10% of a homes energy! Please, unplug the toaster, the night lights, and the chargers.

Looking for a Condo

Looking for a Condo in Toronto?  Well check out some of the hottest condos that are in pre construction right now!  One condo in particular that should win the development of the year is dubbed 1 Yorkville Condo.  In the bustling community of Yorkville, the project will intrench itself into a community known for luxury and a rich cultural background. 1 Yorkville Condo will touch the clouds at 58 storeys and feature over 570 condo units and suits.  It will be located at yonge and Yorkville, right smack in the middle of one of the Toronto’s elite neighbourhoods.  If you would like more information on 1 Yorkville condo please click here.

1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo

Do you utilise your spacious kitchen for a good use

Baking and decorating luxury cupcakes at home has soared in popularity in recent years. People have realised how fun and satisfying it is to make something that looks amazing, for much less than the cost of what a bakery would charge. The UK is following the American trend for themed and seasonal cupcakes. No longer just the domain of children’s birthday parties, cupcakes are perfect for any type of celebration, whether for a wedding or just because you feel like a treat. Fortunately for cupcake aficionados, it’s easy to find a great choice of cake decorations and cake stands.

The most simple cupcake decoration is plain icing. Buttercream spread on with a pallet knife is quick and easy; and spooning on glace icing gives a smooth, even finish. Add detail with a cake topper either made from icing, or printed on edible rice paper. Sprinkles come in a rainbow of colours, shapes and sizes; as well as glitter and pearlescent effects. Try red heart sprinkles on a red velvet cupcake for Valentine’s Day; or gold dragees for a 50th wedding anniversary.

You can also get edible metallic liquid and spray paint for stenciling or painting designs. Paste is better than liquid when choosing food colouring. It is much more vibrant and doesn’t affect the consistency of your icing. Stores like Lakeland sell a great range of cake decorations, from sparkles to toppers, filigree

butterflies, and all types of decorations on toothpicks. And don’t forget the cases! Gone are the days when white paper was the only choice. Cake cases and wraps come in all colours and styles, from lace to brown ones designed to look like terracotta plant pots.

You will need something sturdy and stylish on which to display your finished cupcakes. Most cake decorating shops sell disposable cake stands, either tiered or as a single platform, to hold around a dozen smaller cakes. Made from sturdy decorated cardboard, they are inexpensive and will last several uses if you are careful. For something more lasting try John Lewis. Their vast range includes elegant two-tier white porcelain; ditsy Cath Kidston florals; Alessi Anna Gong’s innovative folding cake stand; and Emma Bridgewater’s distinctive British designs. Alternatively, you can also try Lakeland as they have all you need for all your baking purposes.

What Could an Orangery Bring to Your Life?

When you are thinking about spending a serious amount of money on an addition to your home you will want it to add something special to the place.

When it comes to the example of orangeries you certainly don’t want to stand there looking at it and then think, “That’s nice but what do I do with it now?” Thankfully there are some very interesting uses you could find for this kind of structure once it is fitted to your house.

Party Central

When you invite people over to your house where do they usually spend most time? In a lot of homes it is the kitchen which everyone heads to and in others the living room ends up packed out. The great benefit to having an orangery is that it gives you an airy and spacious room where people can sit down and relax. If you have a well looked after garden then this is also a great vantage point from which to admire it.
More Peace

Do you want to feel less stressed out but can’t get excited about trying out transcendental meditation? In this case a simpler approach might be to give yourself a room where you can truly relax and switch off from the world. If this sounds like something you could be interested in then it is a good idea to plan the room carefully in advance. For example, do you want it to be filled with plants and soothing pieces of art or would you prefer a more spartan approach? If you get this aspect right then you can end up with somewhere which is a welcoming haven for you after a difficult day at work.
A Family Meeting Place

Isn’t it amazing how we can often spend a lot of time in the same house as our family without really bumping into them much? If everyone tends to stick to their own room in your house then having a room which everyone enjoys being in could be the perfect way to get them all together again. Whether they like watching the telly, reading books or magazines, listening to the radio, chatting or using their computer they can do it here in good company. You can choose from a range of models with big name firms such as Anglian, so you can get the perfect one for your family’s needs.
A Plant Nursery

Orangeries are also great places to grow plants in. Because they are usually warm and filled with light you can keep plants which maybe wouldn’t survive out in the garden. This also means that you can turn yours into a lovely, green place which it is a pleasure to be in.

Has Your House Moved into the 21st Century Yet?

When you live in a property for a number of years it is easy to stop seeing it the way other people do.

This can mean that you can end up with a house that looks like it belongs in the last century without you even being aware of the fact. If you want to move into the 21st century here are a few tips to follow.
Add Some Modern Household Technology

Few things date a property like an old style television or fridge. Unless you have gone for a deliberate retro look you will want to put some modern appliances in there to make your life easier and also to make it look more up to date as well. There are lots of instances of smart house technology now, from the way you heat the house to the way you light it and plenty more. A good example of something a whole lot simpler to add and less expensive comes with modern bathroom cabinets. Many of the best ones – like those from Pebble Grey – now come with illumination. This might sound like a modest change to your home but a few ideas like this could make all the difference.
Give it a Fresh Look

The colour of your wall coverings and the condition of your carpets could be a big give away to the fact that you haven’t been looking after the place as much as you should have done. Giving a property a fresh new look isn’t as big a job as it might sound like. Choose your colours and designs cleverly by checking out a few design magazines or web sites. With this work done you might even find that the house seems somehow bigger and more spacious. What you will definitely find is that you are happier to invite people over to see your home than you were before.
Follow New Trends

Of course, bringing your home up to date isn’t the end of the story. To be able to enjoy and show it off as a 21st century home you need to stay up to date with the latest advances and trends as well. The good news is that it is a lot easier to do this than to get it bang up to date in the first place. By keeping your eye on the world of home furnishings and decoration you can slowly incorporate new ideas and make sure that it never again falls so far behind the times.

Konstitucijos Avenue apartment in Vilnius

Konstitucijos Avenue apartment in Vilnius
Apartment near Shopping and leisure centre “Europe”.

Address: 9-61 Konstitucijos Avenue, Vilnius, Lithuania

Konstitucijos Avenue location offers the perfect accommodation, whether you’re on a business trip or on holiday. Konstitucijos Apartment is located in the historic Snipishkiu district, only 10 minutes walk from old town. It is situated in new center of the city. Konstitucijos Avenue 9 apartment is close to the Shopping and leisure centre “Europe”, Vilnius City Municipality Building, Reval Hotel Lietuva, Olympic Casino in Reval Hotel Lietuva and main business district.

The Europa shopping centre located on the right bank of Neris river, in the heart of the new Vilnius business district. The aim of the Europa centre – is to provide excellent shopping and leisure experience for the residents of Vilnius and their guests.

Our apartment is also within walking distance of all the sights. Nearby you will find National Art Gallery, Vilnius City Municipality, Forum Palace conference, leisure and entertainment center, Olympic Casino in Reval Hotel Lietuva, clubs and restaurants in the middle of business and shopping center Europa.

This is a perfect place for businessmen as well as for tourists. Nearby there are numerous financial institutions, government and municipality departments and parliament.

The pleasant staff will be pleased to help you in any way they can. So staying in the City center would be hard pressed to find better location – you can walk out of the door and spend time in Europa, Panorama, Akropolis, Vilnius Municipality or Pacha and Forum Palace nightclubs.

Check-in time: 14:00
Check-out time: 12:00

Facilities: The main room is equipped with big unfolding couch, which converts into a comfortable double bed. The modern kitchen is located in the main room. Other rooms, are totally private. Bedroom contain a double bed complete with bed linens. There are also balcony-terrace of 12 sq. meters with a beautiful panorama of Old Town. Cable TV as well as 24 hours free internet connection is provided. There is a bathroom with shower and toilet in the apartment.
Underground parking.

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